What is Worship Music?

Author: P. S. Jones   ISBN-978-1-59638-198-8

There is much debate surrounding different worship styles which tend to
center on personal music preferences. For many churches, the style
of the music has become a polarizing issue within the congregation. What Is Worship Music? takes a step back and asks the question ‘What is the music for?’.

Looking at biblical and historical sources, the book builds a structure to help the reader understand where members should be directing their energies and attention – and how to increase the value of worshipful singing. “…The premise of the book is simple, yet profound: worship music should be music that is authorized by God, according to scripture, for his greater glory. This is a first-rate guide for pastors, musicians, and worshiping congregations.”  (William Edgar, pianist, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Seminary)

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