The Wormwood Archive

Author: T. G. Brown   ISBN-978-0-9778372-3-6
Reviewed by Vince Treadway

For those who have read C. S. Lewis’ book, The Screwtape Letters, you will recall the correspondence of the junior demon, Wormwood with his uncle Screwtape. The dialogue was particularly unique as everything was viewed from a demonic perspective, and thus the goals of Wormwood were to thwart everything that the Enemy (God) might want.

The Wormwood Archive could be considered a modern take off from C. S. Lewis’ book, and is focused on a church that hires a new pastor whose goal is to follow the example of several mega-churches in leadership and worship style in order to attract new attendees.Wormwood (the under-demon) writes to his professor, Slubgob, in order to gain advice as to how to influence the church staff and membership and bring about anarchy and collapse of the church. The parallels between Easthampton Community Church and several churches that we know today are remarkable. For any church leader who is considering jumping on the cultural mega-church bandwagon, or for those who are terrified of it, I heartily recommend this book. It is fictional, but based on a true situation and painfully enlightening.