The Structure of Singing, System and Art in Vocal Technique

Author: Richard Miller   Schirmer Books, 1996

The Structure of Singing is a great pedagogical resource for any choir director who desires to build essential vocal technique in their singers. This
book takes a systematic yet practical approach to identifying and correcting common problems such as vowel placement, resonance, vibrato, and unifying registers (in male and female voices). As in any good “vocal ped” textbook, there is a wealth of physiological information, useful charts and appendices, detailed anatomical illustrations, and research in the areas of acoustics, phonetics, medicine, and speech therapy. However, what makes The Structure of Singing different is its straightforward problem-solving
approach. It moves beyond the research to give practical, step-by-step plans of vocalization and group exercises for each area of vocal mechanics. The chapters on breath management, healthy singing, and agility are especially helpful when working with choirs and soloists. The Structure of Singing is highly recommended.