The Practice Revolution

Author: Philip Johnston   ISBN: 095819050x
Reviewed by Vince Treadway

If you are looking for something that will help you teach your young music students better, I highly reccomend The Practice Revolution. This book provides highly valuable and practical tips for maximizing practice, strategies for eliminating wasteful habits, systems of monitoring progress, dealing with excuses for not practicing, and much more. One of my favorite tips is “Avoid
polishing shiny objects.” This is a habit of students who are avoiding working through new sections of music, and are playing the known sections over and over needlessly.

“This book is perhaps in the top 1% of all of the things I have ever recommended. Every sentence is new and important and this goes on for 321 pages…if teachers were to absorb the content there would, indeed, be a revolution in teaching and learning.”
Canadian Music Educator Association Journal

There are also many free downloads and tips on the website,