Christian Music Leaders’ Retreat

Florida Beach

The ACM Christian Music Leaders’ Retreat is for Christian musicians who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and seek fellowship and spiritual encouragement.

Invitees come from a variety of Christian church traditions and denominations, but all share a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible as the Word of God.

The Retreat offers professional Christian music leaders a unique opportunity to meet with other skilled professionals, share ideas and challenges, encourage one another in the Lord, and make music together.

Unlike other seminars or conferences, the ACM Church Music Leaders’ Retreat has a relaxed schedule with only five planned sessions over two days. The content of these sessions varies year by year, but closely follows the “Retreat Intentions” (see below).

Retreat Invitees Share Common Faith

For the Retreat to be maximally beneficial to the participants, it is assumed that they will be like-minded Christian musicians who:

  1. Testify individually to being transformed by the supernatural, redemptive grace of God through repentance and trust in Jesus Christ.
  2. Rest personally and fully on Jesus Christ as their only sin-bearer and deliverer from sin, death, the devil, and divine judgment through His reconciling, substitutionary cross-work.
  3. Manifest the grace of God upon their lives through measurable behaviors consistent with being faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, both privately and publicly, by the power of the His indwelling Holy Spirit and according to the authoritative and normative ethics of holy scripture.
  4. Seek to worship God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in spirit and truth.
  5. Realize their calling to music ministry or music education as humble, grateful servant-leaders.
  6. Agree to participate in mutually enriching and encouraging relationships with other Retreat attendees and maintain confidences as would be loving for members of the Christian family.
  7. Agree to participate in a post-Retreat network through regular e-mail communication.

Retreat Intentions Seek to Enrich and Encourage

The ACM Christian Music Leaders’ Retreat seeks to provide:

  1. A restorative, enriching, refreshing 3-day event with like-minded, skilled Christian musicians involved in music ministry or education.
  2. Opportunity to rest our bodies, strengthen our spiritual lives, engage our minds, challenge our ministry patterns, and supplement our cache of resources for more effective service in Christ’s church.
  3. Opportunity to develop a united network of likeminded, professional Christian music leaders and educators, who provide for one another personal accountability and professional sharpening, reducing the likelihood of “ministry washouts” due to discouragement, dissension, or personal spiritual and moral decline.
  4. Opportunity to foster personal godliness through informal reading and conversation around the Word of God, particularly as this pertains to the heart of the Christian musician and the work of Christian music leaders and educators.
  5. The fellowship and delight of sharing excellent live musical experiences together, either planned or spontaneous.
  6. Opportunity to share resources that facilitate and enhance the work of Christian music leaders and educators through directed group discussions and distribution of practical printed materials.
  7. Opportunity to practice Christian love toward our peers—especially listening to one another, encouraging one another, and bearing one another’s burdens—through sessions of earnest prayer and caring peer counsel.
  8. A safe, collegial, and confidential environment in which church music leaders can express current challenges and receive fresh, practical insights that may enhance the quality and longevity of their service, increase their joy, and expand their creativity.

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