Prescriptions for Choral Excellence

volume 4, number 2 winter 2006-2 ber 2 winter 006-2
Authors: Shirlee Emmons and Constance Chase   ISBN10: 0195182421

Shirlee Emmons and Constance Chase have written a thoroughly useful book for choir directors who are interested in practical, well-researched, and scientifically-substantiated solutions to common choral problems. The authors discuss topics such as breath managment, diction, tone and intonation, and useful warm-ups. They also suggest exercises to strengthen the choir and give tips for diagnosing problems. Several chapters are devoted to how choir directors can improve their own leadership skills in rehearsal and performance and how they can develop and utilize their own mental skills.


Reviews of Note
The book is laid out in a format that presents a choral complaint or problem followed by a diagnosis, a treatment plan, and discussion. Several exercises designed to improve and correct the problem supplement the discussion. The book concludes with several appendixes that offer documented research on the subjects of vocal health, vocal function, and choral tessituras, etc. From this volume every choral director can gain valuable insights that make worthy the time and energy needed to read and study this book.